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Central Bank of Ireland

Prior to 2010, all Irish financial entities were regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority. However, in 2011, a new regulatory body was established known as the Central Bank of Ireland Commission. This Commission has the task of issuing licences to CBI-regulated brokers, but also has a number of other very important roles. It acts as a watchdog for the following service providers and their activities: Insurance providers, including general and life insurance as well as any consumer-related issues; Credit unions; Credit and mortgage providers and moneylenders, as well as overseeing customer charges and related consumer issues.

Authority Fair


Score: 8.02 Regular
  • Age : 18 years
  • License : Retail Forex
  • Regulation : Regular
  • Platform : MT4 Full - MT5 Full


Score: 6.22 Suspicious Clone
  • Age : 19 years
  • License : Common Financial Service
  • Regulation : Suspicious Clone
  • Platform : MT4 Full - MT5 None